‘Godmachine was born in Cardiff, South Wales, it was a difficult birth; his parents were in London at the time. He grew up on a steady diet of nothing, 2000AD comics, Santa Cruz skateboards and old library books of Klimt and Beardsley.
His art is born of Jim Philips, raised by Simon Bisley and adopted by his everyday influences; film, literature and music.
He uses a wacom, photoshop and coffee to achieve his detailed images that have made quite an impact on band merch, skateboards and clothing companies today.
He owns 2 cats: Bear and Miss Boo Boo Kitty Fuck II and has a worrying amount of coffee mugs with cats on them. Although a vegetarian and a devout anti-theist he collects animal skulls, animal horns and crucifixs along with old discarded black and white photos.'

Featured in Creative Arts Magazine as one of the Uk’s most inspiring emerging artists. Here’s what others have said about him:

".. legend in the world of modern poster art & basically recreated the horror illustration style that millions of kids try to emulate to no avail. ;)" Zombieyeti

"I truly believe that Godmachine is one of the most underrated illustrators around." OMG Posters.

“this dude rules, unnerving design work which is truly a sight to behold.” Rockett Clothing

“when I grow up I want to be Godmachine” Chet Zar

"Godmachine continues to be a powerful force in the merch design scene. Intense illustrations like no other!" Jeff Finley, GoMedia.us

“the most inspiring artist I know, he is the one with the ideas that people copy” Jon Richards

“a pleasure to work with and always delivers 110% on work” Disturbia

"Godmachine consistantly inspires and innovates. Instead of following trends, he plows past the mundane and creates new ones. I always look at his work to see where others will be a year from now." Josh Belanger.